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RFID Non-Contact Smart Card Technology
Nothing to refill / empty, nothing to jam, and nothing to wear out.

Stored Value: Stored Value Wickets store all account information right on the
 Wicket eliminating any need for networks and remote servers. Stored Value Wickets keep
three  balances; a) an account balance representing cash value, b) a bonus balance
representing promotional value that can be used but not refunded for cash, and c) a loyalty
points balance that tracks total money spent. The Wicket Reader can be configured to
communicate balance information and debit requests over a serial data port, or directly
manage debits and produce output pulses to simulate a coin acceptor.

Wicket Features:
Account, Bonus, and Loyalty Balances
Site-ID For Property Specific Acceptance
Optional User PIN For Access Protection
Encrypted Password Protected Data
Key Tag Or Credit Card Shape Factors
§ Tough Teslin Inner Layer For Long Life

WR88 Wicket Reader Features:
§ Multi-Color Illumination For Status Indication
Secure Serial Protocol With Host Controller
Manages Low Level Read / Write Transactions
§ Small Footprint: .7/8”
Mounting Hole Diameter
§ Antenna Not Affected By Metal Panel Mount

Wicket technology incorporates ISO standard 15693 RFID (radio frequency identification) data tags laminated
 into the center layer of a tough Teslin based card or key tag. The Reader’s emitted RF field is used to both
power and communicate with the chip/antenna of the Wicket. Stored Value Wickets utilize memory on the RFID
data tag to actually store the value of a patron’s account balance, bonus balance, and loyalty point balance.
No networks or servers are necessary because all of the information required is stored right on the Wicket itself.

With Stored Value Wickets, you can send out promotional Wickets using the bonus balance to provide 
 redeemable points. You can offer a loyalty program using the loyalty balance on the Wicket. Loyalty points
 increase by one for every dollar. purchased.

Stored Value Wickets leave no security aspect unattended. First, Wickets can not be counterfeited or
re-written by any other RFID reader because Wickets incorporate an invisible 32 bit encrypted password, a property- specific Site-ID, and tag-specific data ciphers, all of which must be correct before any credit is given
by a Wicket Reader from a presented RFID tag. Second, simply having a Wicket Reader does not enable a
 trickster to write data to a Stored Value Wicket as the controller must first be validated by a challenge/response sequence.

Stored Value Wicket Reader Model-WR99 is designed for integration either directly into OEM terminals, or indirectly through integration into low or high voltage interface modules.

Nothing to refill,
Nothing to jam,
Nothing to wear out,
Nothing to clean,
Nothing to reconcile!

Wicket Programing is done by tapping a Wicket card to the reader on the machine

Notice the Colors of the Wicket Reader. Blue means machine is not in use. The Wicket reader turns white when the machine is in use.

After passing a Wicket card of the reader, the reader blinks green and the transaction is accepted.

Revalue Station - The sign above explains color codes to customer.


















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