Mercator International, Ltd.
Mercator International devises and implements export strategies. Our view is global. We have the expertise to drive global initiatives in an everchanging market. 



Mercator International brings a depth of experience to any company wanting to increase their overseas presence. We have focused on international sales and operations for more than 25 years.  We work with a wide variety of clients in diverse industries, from coatings to tokens to international trade publications.


Mercator International establishes and maintains foreign sales as an integral component of an overall sales strategy. We assist with export sales and operations as well as trouble shooting complex cultural issues. We  increase sales by focusing on development and support of  overseas distributors and customers.


       You can make the best product in the world...

    but it still must arrive when, where, and how the    
    customer wants it. 

   Let the professionals at Mercator International, Ltd.   
   make complex international logistics easier for your 
   company and customers.

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